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To meet our customers temporary needs in a permanent way.

1- We provide a recruiter/staffing coordinator for your account.

2- Open communication 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with recruiter and branch staff so that we can always be reached to address your needs.

3- Immediate Responsiveness Utilizing Nextel Direct Connect Telephones: We regularly provide Nextel Direct Connect phones with two-way radio capability to on-demand accounts such as yours. These phones provide a continuous open line of communication and we can be alerted to and resolve issues quickly. On-going communication is the key to a successful staffing relationship. The use of two-way radio enables instant communication allowing us to quickly react to your needs and always know the status of your order/account.

4- Installation of an Electronic Time Clock to Control and Monitor Attendance Provide Accurate Billing and Management Reports: We would install an electronic time clock at your facility to control and access all temporary workers’ hours. Arescue Staffing, Inc. and its clients will have real-time access to this information. Not only does this assure billing but also it enables us to control overtime, monitor sick hours and track vacation time. Report can be generated daily, weekly or for any other period of time. We would install and provide this at our cost.

5- Transportation of the Workers to and from Your Facility: We require that the workers come to our branch office daily and we check that they are ready to work AND we transport them to your jobsite to assure that they get there on time. We also pick them up when the shift ends.

6- Drug and Background Tests: We will provide drug testing, background checks and any other screening and orientations that the client requires for all workers. Cosmo Temp, Inc. also endorses a drug-free work environment.

7- Proper Attire: Our workers will be dressed in the appropriate attire based on your requirements.

8- References: References will be provided upon request.

9- Certification of Insurance: We can provide a certificate of insurance for your records within 24 hours of your request.

10- Distance: We travel up to a 100 miles radius.

We are a member of NJSA (New Jersey Staffing Association). NJSA is a state wide cooperative and professional organization with high standard of ethical practices where resources, ideas and techniques are shared in order to make sure our customers get answers and solutions

We are on a journey meeting our costumer’s satisfaction, one day at a time.



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