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As the industry is changing, we develop a logistics management system that improves productivity while offering a higher quality workforce and a lower operating co st.

At A r escue Staffing, Inc. we know that communication is the key to a successful staffing relationship. Our established open communication line 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with recruiter and branch staff insures that we can always be reached at any given time to address your needs.

We recognize that our business only works if we can exhibit our commitment to your success. We as an alternative to tradition staffing, (3PL) Third Party Logistics Services put our money where our mouth is. For those clients that have specific projects or tasks, we can design a program for you in which you only pay us for our performance. That's right. Only pay for our performance. For example, if you have container loads to unpack, pay us per container, not per person. If you have orders to pick, pay us per item picked or order filled. Getting the job done and getting it done right becomes our responsibility and your costs don't change. You know exactly what it will cost you upfront.

For those of you where this isn't appropriate, we take a long-range look at our relationship. We know that we have to work with you to meet your short and long term needs. We regularly go through trial periods with new clients, insisting that they try us out before making any commitment or handing over larger projects to us... oh, and as for commitment, we don't use contracts. A firm handshake, a professional attitude and our performance is all we'll need to keep your business.

We have created a FREE "Insiders' Guide to Determining Whether Third Party Logistic Services Is Right For You." It outlines what to look for in a logistics provider, what type of services you can expect, how these services compare to typical temporary staffing services and what standards you should look for from either.

You can either send us an email at info@arescuestaffing.com or give us a call at 973.374.0202 and request the report. We'll get it right out to you. If desired, we'd also be pleased to set up an on-site consultation at your convenience.


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