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Arescue Staffing, Inc. will help you reach your factory or warehouse quotas by providing you employees in the area of Light Industrial Employment.

If you are a warehouse manager, human resources director or in any way responsible for the hiring and management of your temporary workforce, then you most likely have encountered several - if not all - of these mind numbing headaches:

  • Regular No Shows and Inconsistent Fill rates
  • Unmotivated, Unqualified Temps
  • Constant Temp Turnover
  • Poor Communication and No Follow Through by the Agency

And now you may have to spend time selecting a new staffing firm with no assurance that the new one will be any better than the last one.

At Arescue Staffing, Inc., we protect you from those problems through our unique Client Partnering Program, which means that:

  • Maintain a core group of temp associates and supervisors to sustain a consistent presence at customer's site.
  • Performance-based incentive plans to motivate our temps - earning up to 74-147% more!
  • Proactive Attendance Program for Guaranteed 100% fill rates.
  • 1 Hour Response Time for Emergency last Minute jobs.
  • Drug tests and background checks are standard with documentation to prove it.
  • Always available 7 days a week.
  • Supervisors carry walkie-talkie phones enabling direct access to dispatchers and management.
  • Workers Comp and Liability Insurance for all employees
  • Weekly follow up by Managers.
  • President oversight on our Account Tracking and Reporting Process
  • A Pay for Performance Option, providing third part logistics upon request.

Assemblers! Pick/Packers!
Hilo Fork-Lift Drivers! Loading/Unloading! Selectors!

We know how you depend on valuable employees that will handle your equipment and provide you with service of high quality. Arescue Staffing, Inc. evaluates and picks the most experienced Temp just to make sure your work is done to your company's satisfaction.

All of our Temps are legally documented to work.
All of our Temps are able to communicate in English.
All of our Temps are experienced




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